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The state of Illinois is now under fire from conservatives for changing the legal term for criminals from an “offender” to a “justice impacted individual.” Furthermore, users claim that this is turning satire into reality. For others, they are blaming the diversity trend that encourages others to be politically correct. 

Fox News states, Illinois Democratic lawmakers are proposing a bill to change the term “offender” to “justice-impacted individual” in the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009. House Bill 4409 aims to update terminology and add members to the Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board. Republican State Sen. Terri Bryant questioned the necessity and cost of such changes, noting the financial burden on agencies.

Sponsored by Democratic State Reps. Kelly M. Cassidy, Lindsey LaPointe, and State Sens. Robert Peters, Mike Simmons, and Adriane Johnson, the bill seeks to promote equity and effectiveness in the Adult Redeploy Illinois program by diversifying the board and enhancing funding flexibility.

Illinois changing the word “offender” for better political correctness 

Additionally, conservatives add that drug dealers would soon be called “unlicensed pharmacists.” For the most part, many are showing their concerns towards the situation as they fear criminals may roam free in the near future. It seems that peculiar bills like these are increasing all over the country. 

Following that, X users claim that they will use the word “offender” more frequently than they would. Furthermore, they add that they’re continuing to use the word “illegal alien” as well. Is this the new reality for America? Legal jargons are changing in lieu for the country to appear more “inclusive” towards everyone. 

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