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The Democrats appear to be trying their best in housing these illegal immigrants that are coming into America in droves. X users are particularly unhappy with the situation as the efforts to help them are seemingly a lot more than what is done for the average American. Furthermore, international hubs like Boston Logan Airport should not be the place to house illegals. 

According to the Daily Mail, approximately 100 migrant men, women, and children found shelter in Boston’s main international airport as the state’s facilities reached capacity in November. Governor Maura Healey urges federal intervention as makeshift accommodations at the airport become unsustainable. 

The scenes mirror those at Chicago’s O’Hare, with 216 migrants reported on January 4. Massachusetts shelters are full, accommodating 7,500 families, leading some to be housed in hospitals and church halls. Governor Healey requests an additional $250 million to address the crisis, estimating it could cost the state $915 million next year. 

The situation underscores the need for comprehensive immigration reform and increased federal support.

Illegal immigrants receiving shelter inside Boston Logan Airport 

Conservatives are calling Massachusetts “Taxassachusetts” as local residents would definitely be taxed more in order to house these people. Furthermore, many agree that it would be the hard working Americans paying taxes in order to fund this ordeal. However, at the same time, these very people are the ones who voted for this whole mess.  

Following that, some are asking serious questions on X. A user asked that in lieu of the 9/11 attacks, airport security should be a lot stricker. Ironically, this time, it seems that they’re letting in undocumented people fleeing their countries to sleep in these areas. 


Elon Musk asked “what will happen when the airports are full?” Libs of TikTok responded by saying that there are other options for the government to send these people, like schools. The account then asked, which American city will be next? 

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