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Apparently, only 5% of illegals who enter the United States are likely to be deported under the Biden administration. Furthermore, X users are sharing their fears on the future of the United States if this continues. It seems that some liberals aren’t able to tell the difference between legal and illegal migration. 

Breitbart states that with over 3.2 million encounters at the borders during the fiscal year, only 142,580 were deported by ICE. This meager figure translates to a mere 4.4 percent chance of prompt deportation for those arriving in the U.S.

Lora Ries of the Heritage Foundation challenged DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s claim of a “record number” of deportations, citing his own admission that over 70 percent of the 10+ million encountered were released in the past three years. 

Ries emphasized the scale of numbers, stating Mayorkas can’t assert authority on immigration enforcement based on these deportation figures, highlighting a lack of credibility.

Comparatively, ICE deported fewer than 4,000 illegal aliens monthly from the U.S. interior in FY 2023, a significant drop from Trump’s administration, which averaged 7,000 monthly deportations in its first three years. Trump’s administration removed 23 to 28 percent of annual illegal alien encounters, contrasting starkly with Biden’s approach.

Conservatives fear for the future of America under the Biden administration’s handling of illegals  

Following that, several claims that illegal migrants are getting free flights and a $5,000 Visa card if they’re able to cross the border. However, this is proven to be something that is untrue. It still does not change the fact that the numbers are still out of hand. 


Furthermore, others claim that the current government “hates” the country and wants to replace average Americans with illegal migration. There is a strong call for those opposing illegal migration all over the United States to vote for Trump this November. Others are blaming the Obama administration for changing the country’s direction to what it is today. 

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