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The liberal agenda of sparking the illegal invasion of the United States is appearing to be backfiring on them. Furthermore, conservatives have always been upfront of not wanting illegals coming into America. Unfortunately, the new reality of it all is that they are coming in droves and are apparently committing crimes in the cities they end up in. 

6ABC states, police in West Whiteland Township identify an emerging trend: Illegal border crossers committing retail thefts. Detective Scott Pezick reports three recent groups targeting the area, escaping with thousands in goods. 

Two Venezuelans, Albert Torrealba Jordan and Keiver Guilarte Camps, were involved in a $2,000 theft at Ulta. Despite a drop in illegal crossings in January, South American theft groups impact local crime. A Peruvian national deported for a $17,000 Kohl’s theft is already back in the U.S. Police note these groups are tied to burglaries, receiving federal assistance in tracking suspects amid the surge of crimes.

Illegal immigrant invasion hitting West Whiteland, Pennsylvania 

Furthermore, conservatives state that now, even small towns in America are affected by this crisis. They fear for the future of Americans if this continues. Some claim that it is Biden’s agenda to replace the average American with illegal immigrants from third-world countries. 


In addition to this, X users state that the crisis is only going to get worse from here. They state that those who are caught coming into the country illegally should be banned from stepping foot in the United States ever again. However, it would make perfect sense if the individual is a criminal and is a danger to Americans. 

Furthermore, others state that Democrat supporters were keen on having illegals coming into their country. They quite literally voted for this to happen, and when reality is settling in, they claim that they too are against this. However, conservatives are not budging saying that they are one of the reasons why the situation is bad now. 

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Conservative Americans believe illegal immigrants are bringing in dangerous substances like fentanyl 

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