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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been in the spotlight lately for making a rather controversial statement. Her statement is rubbing a lot of Americans the wrong way as they feel her priorities are not in line with the American people. Furthermore, some are even accusing her of prioritizing Somalia over the United States in terms of her work. 

According to the Daily Mail, Donald Trump Jr. criticized Representative Ilhan Omar for stating that Somalia is her top priority, expressing concern about her not naming the U.S. among her top priorities. Speaking in Las Vegas, Trump Jr. lamented that the U.S. doesn’t seem to be a priority for some lawmakers. 

Omar, a member of the progressive squad, faced backlash for her remarks about prioritizing Somalia, and some, including Trump Jr., questioned her allegiance. The controversy intensified as critics accused her of putting another country first. Some demand her resignation, arguing that her comments are unbecoming of a U.S. congresswoman. 

She went on to defend her stance, emphasizing her commitment to representing the interests of Somali people in the U.S. The situation reflects broader tensions in American politics surrounding legislators’ allegiance and priorities.

Ilhan Omar criticized by conservatives for not prioritizing America 

Following that, angry conservative users state that the US government should give her what they think she wants, which is to be in Somalia. They feel that she has been given an opportunity that is not available to many, and she chooses to make controversial remarks about it. 

Others state that she can protect Somali Americans, not those who are in Somalia. However, her position is meant to take care of those who are living in her constituency. An X user states that her number one responsibility should be representing the people who actually voted her into power. 

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