SINGAPORE: Despite only serving Hougang Single Member Constituency (SMC) residents for a year, residents showed that the former parliamentarian gained an immovable place in their hearts as they visited the late MP’s wake to pay their respects.

Mr Yaw, who also went by the name Amos Rao, passed away on Friday (10 Nov) at the young age of 47. His untimely death was announced on Facebook late on Tuesday (14 Nov), and it has since emerged that the former politician suddenly collapsed while jogging in Beijing, China.

Mr Yaw is survived by his wife and two children, who are still in primary school. His friends told the press that he is disciplined and often goes for morning jogs but never mentioned any physical discomfort while running before.

The late Singaporean is also described by his friends as a person who is stingy with himself but generous to the people around him. From time to time, he gave small gifts to people around him.

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Mr Yaw was a Member of Parliament representing Workers’ Party (WP) stronghold Hougang SMC from 2011 to 2012. His family invited Singaporeans to join them in celebrating Mr Yaw’s life, honouring “the joy, wisdom and love he shared so generously.”

The Celebration of Life was open from Friday, 17 Nov to Sunday, 19 Nov at Maxwell Hall, Level 7, Woodlands Memorial. The Memorial Service took place on Saturday, 18 Nov.

A number of Mr Yaw’s former constituents appeared at his wake, alongside his friends and family. The wake venue was filled with a throng of people who visited to express their condolences over the weekend.

Workers’ Party (WP) member Png Eng Huat, Mr Yaw’s successor at Hougang SMC, paid tribute to him. The party’s central executive committee and current Hougang SMC MP Dennis Tan Lip Fong also sent wreaths to Mr Yaw’s family.

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