Hongyi Li Guides Singaporeans to Best Ice Cream Spots

Singapore — Mr Hongyi Li, the eldest son of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Madam Ho Ching, took to Facebook on Sunday (Oct 24) to post about a “fun side project” he’s been working on, which is a map of Singapore’s ice cream places.

Hongyi Li dedicated site, @icecreammap.sg, is much more than just a directory. Hongyi Li has personally curated it, providing tiered ratings for all the ice cream places he has visited. 

This user-friendly platform invites fellow ice cream enthusiasts to discover new and unique parlors, with  Hongyi Li’s top picks garnering the spotlight.

Furthermore, he added that the list “is far from comprehensive” and invited other netizens to take part in creating it. 

“If there’s some place I missed or if you want to help fellow ice cream lovers with a review, just drop me a message at feedback@icecreammap.sg,” he wrote.

On the site, Mr  Hongyi Li lists different ice cream joints, with their addresses, reviews and recommendations.

Photo: screengrab/icecreammap.sg

At the top are the ones he’s enjoyed the most (Crème De La Crème), which get a yellow ice cream marker, and at the bottom is a list of non-traditional cold dessert eateries designated with a blue marker under the “Crème Fraîche” category.

Since the site is a work in progress, it’s uncertain whether he enjoyed these particular places, or if these are the ones that he’s not tried yet.

Mr  Hongyi Li seems to have a special love for gelato, or Italian ice cream. Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, two branches of Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, and Celine’s Gelato Cart are all listed as top-tier ice cream places.

Here’s an example of his review for Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, “Super smooth and creamy. Flavours are really authentic and intense. Their waffle cones are really fragrant and crispy too -H.”

For this place, he recommends Coconut Pandan, Roasted Pistachio, and Soursop Mint, but adds that “Honestly all their flavours are good though.”

His next category is called “Double Cream – Solid all around,” and includes such places as Ice Ke Lim, Merely Ice Cream and Cottontail Gelato.

Of Merely Ice Cream, which is found on Bencoolen St., he writes that the treats there are “Smooth and chewy with a good range of flavours. Their waffles are particularly outstanding; crispy with a good savoury flavour. -H,” and recommends the Salted Butterscotch, Strawberry, Valrhona Chocolate waffles.

Mr Li then lists ice creameries under “Sweet Cream – Good for everyday,” including various Sweet Cheeks, Holy Cow, and Creamier branches.

About Pang Zi Creamery, listed under this category, he writes, “Smooth and thick. Flavours are good but a bit weaker and sweeter than I would like. -H”

The “Crème Fraîche” category, which includes The Daily Scoop and Oh My Mango branches, have no reviews yet. /TISG

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Li Shengwu and Li Hongyi are no longer on speaking terms but remain Facebook friends