Parents call to revamp Ministry of Education over PSLE concerns, comments on Chan Chun Sing’s FB post

Singapore ― Several parents have taken to Education Minister Chan Chun Sing’s Facebook post to call for a “revamp” of the country’s education system, following the extra difficult maths questions in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), resulting in tears being shed.

On Oct 1, Mr Chan posted on Facebook to share their initiative in delivering care packs to residents undergoing home quarantine orders or those on the home recovery programme.

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Fake’ MOM operator with an Indian accent calls man, asks him for his PIN number

In a two-minute-long clip, one jaakelow said (using an electronic voice generator): “So fake MOM called me”.

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Yoga dragon pose leads to broken thighbone, inability to walk and lawsuit

China ― While attempting a hip-opening pose during yoga, an instructor accidentally broke her student’s thighbone leaving her unable to walk.

A woman named Wang attended her first private yoga lesson in eastern China by an instructor named Li

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2-month-old infant contracts Covid-19, vomits ‘like the Merlion’ before positive result

“I cried because, as a mother, this was too much to handle.”

The story of Siti Hawa Mohd Najib and her two-month-old daughter, Aaisyah Humaira, who contracted Covid-19, is making rounds on social media.