A Facebook user TengSern Tan explained that he made just a little over $2 from a $30 job he accepted. He said that a customer paid him $30 to replace a 3 pin power cable. He lamented, “Walao eh, business is so tough…..”, for making such a little nett profit.

Just in case you can’t see his post, this is what he said.

This is how money gets around in a economy:

Customer paid me $30 to replace a 3 pin power cable;
While waiting for the money, I went to buy a bulb for home $7.80 to home fix.
Then one auntie psycho me to buy her fried rice $5….
Parking $3
Petrol for 2 ways $10
Cost of cable $2
My time : priceless

Gross sales $30
expenses on City Square Mall $15.80
Cost of good sold $2
Petrol $10
Net profit $2.20

Walao eh, business is so tough…..