Han Hui Hui

Han Hui Hui’s legal counsel, M Ravi has filed an affidavit seeking a declaration and challenging Singapore’s parliamentarians.

The cost of filing this affidavit is $1,000 while the legal fee is $30,000.
We hope that 21,000 Singaporeans will give $1 to finance this legal costs.
Please contribute to the fund by doing a bank transfer to POSB Savings 279-12328-0.

As of today, $10,000 of legal fees have been paid.
Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng, together with four fellow Singaporeans requires another $20,000 in order to continue the case or they will have to plead guilty.

A charge of $2,000 or more will disqualify Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng from this coming election, which is expected to be held this year or latest by next year.
Han Hui Hui has applied for a quashing order of the said blanket refusal and a mandatory order requiring the Commissioner of Parks to perform his lawful duty.

It is a serious injustice against her freedom of speech and constitutional rights, which are being robbed from her by disallowing her to conduct any event at Hong Lim Park.
There is no fair hearing for Han Hui Hui and this is a breach of the rules of natural justice by the Commissioner.

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While investigations are ongoing, Han Hui Hui has not pleaded guilty and has also not been proven guilty.
Only in Singapore’s court and a Parliament of clowns do we see one being treated like a convicted criminal when the case has yet to be concluded.

While they deny her rights to hold any public event, Singapore’s police force has no issue with other Singaporeans gathering and even marching around in public, while chanting slogans.

The PAP Government has refused to return to Singaporeans their rightful returns from their CPF money, and their hard-earned money at the promised age of 55, but are time and again doing character assassination against Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and other fellow Singaporeans.

Is there justice and fairness in Singapore?