South Korean actress Goo Hye-sun says she has now given up on ex-husband Ahn Jae-hyun and shared that she wants to go back to the entertainment scene after months of airing dirty linen about him.

Malay Mail quoted Sin Chew Daily as saying Goo has no more feelings for Ahn.

She revealed that she was disappointed with Ahn and that she started to feel differently since March.

“One day he told me he had lost all feelings for me. Not long after that, the news spread that we are divorcing.”

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

During their three years of marriage, the couple would argue but not to the point of splitting up.

“After that incident (where he said he had lost his feelings for her), Ahn said he wanted to practise his acting skills and rented a place elsewhere.

“Since then he cut down on his communication with me. Before I knew it, we became separated,” she said, saying that during their marriage, they hardly fought.

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The last time Goo heard from Ahn was when she was admitted to the hospital recently.

“He sent me an SMS to inform me that he will be going back to our house to get his winter clothing.”

For now, Goo said she no longer loves Ahn.

“Now I no longer love him as he had stopped loving me. After all this, I learned to believe in myself and not to believe in love.”

The actress shared that she would be returning to the entertainment industry soon and will not let the divorce with Ahn bring her down.

“This is just a minor hiccup in my life. I will continue to be strong.”

The couple is in the middle of divorce proceedings and Goo’s lawyer confirms that she is pursuing her studies and taking a break from the entertainment industry.