The wife of a private-hire vehicle driver has appealed for information online, saying that her husband’s bag was stolen by a passenger. On Facebook’s Complaint Singapore page, Aisyah Lim related their “heartbreaking” experience on Wednesday (Apr 27), noting that her husband is the sole breadwinner.

In the midst of Ramadan, and with Hari Raya coming up, she wrote, “it feels so hard for us whole family. Days that we (are) supposed to celebrate joy but have to be so stressful,” said Ms Lim. She said her husband works as a PHV driver for Gojek to earn money for their two young children.

On Apr 26, after dropping off a passenger, he realised his bag had gone missing. “He believes it has been stolen by one of the passengers he picked up,” she said. The bag contains the car remote, wallet, personal cards and S$526 in cash.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

“This is not just the item and cash lost, but to do a replacement card for IC, license, vocational license will cost us extra money and time wasted,” said Ms Lim.

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As a wife, she said, looking at her husband sitting down feeling stressed after the incident was heartbreaking.

“I really wish that the bag and the contents can (be) returned to us safe and sound even (if) it sounds impossible,” said the hopeful Ms Lim.

Lastly, she addressed the individual believed to have taken the bag. “You might need it more than us. Hope you can find it useful for you and your family,” she said.

Ms Lim said a police report had been made.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The online community hoped that the bag would be found or returned.

“I have lost my precious wallet with cash, important docs, ATM and IC. Was so heartbroken,” wrote Facebook user Rayna Foss-Yundster.

“Weeks later, I received a call from police lost and found. I managed to retrieve at least my important docs and IC. Was more than thankful for that. I hope miracles happen for you,” she said.

Others advised the couple to go back to the drop-off points leading up to the incident to check if there were closed-circuit television cameras which could be used to expedite the investigation. /TISG

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