Several countries in the Southeast Asian region suffer from a dengue outbreak. As of August 3, Singapore currently has 9,228 reported cases of dengue since the year started.

While the government, health organizations, and local citizens alike are taking part in the prevention of the mosquito-caused disease, one French man took a more sympathetic stance for the buzzing pests.

Aymeric Caron, a French journalist and animal rights activist, argued that mosquito “mothers” feeding on blood are merely trying to “nourish her future children.”

He added that people should allow mosquitoes to take “blood donations” and allow the insects to bite, according to a report by the Independent UK.

“One can consider that a blood donation from time to time to an insect who is only trying to nourish her children is not a drama.”

He suggested that people refrain from swatting mosquitoes but rather use natural repellents such as citronella, lavender oil, or garlic.

To further explain his ethical stand regarding mosquito survival, Caron said that it was “allowable” to kill the disease-carrying mosquitoes in Africa where malaria is prevalent.

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In France, however, mosquitoes were “inoffensive” so he allowed himself to get bitten.

Caron regards himself as an “anti-specist,” a group of people opposed to the discrimination of any species.

Regardless of the opinions of certain persons, the National Environment Agency urges everyone to practice the 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds and prevent the spread of the disease./TISG

Despite increase in dengue infections, some residents refuse precautionary measures