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The reference of the period before the second world war is getting discussed more often these days. In the eyes of the Republicans, they feel that the tirade against former President Trump is similar to what Germany experienced in the 1930s. This was apparently claimed by a former Trump admin. 

According to Brietbart, former DHS official Miles Taylor, aka “Anonymous,” likened America’s direction to pre-Nazi Germany, warning of a march toward tyranny. Taylor, reflecting on his delayed 2018 whistleblowing, regretted his late action.

Highlighting ex-Speaker Paul Ryan’s past depiction of Trump as an authoritarian, Taylor noted unchanged perceptions. He drew parallels between the 1920s Germany and today’s America, citing warnings about Hitler and concerns about Trump’s potential tyranny.

Taylor urged more figures like Ryan to step up, fearing the republic’s collapse if the current path persists. He stressed the striking similarities between Trump’s intentions and Hitler’s actions, urging vigilance amid the unfolding crisis.

However, Biden’s approval is now at an even lower 33%. Unfortunately, over 60% of those who support Trump would refuse to see a compromise with the Democrats in America. The main question now is will Biden ever be able to fix his low ratings prior to the elections? 

Is it Trump or Biden? 


Following that, Democrat supporters are saying the same thing about Trump. During his rule, many felt that he too was doing the same things as the Germans in the 1930s with stricter border control. However, it is still important to keep the boundaries between countries strict in order to screen who is eligible to enter a country.  


Meanwhile, Republicans on X are more or less saying this too. They are accusing the Biden regime of tyranny. Regardless, both ends are accusing each other of the same thing at this point. However, in contrast to the prior elections, it seems that support for Trump is stronger now. 

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