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Foreigner who was hated by some Singaporeans for looking down on working class taxi drivers becomes Singapore citizen

Chris J Reed had written a blog post in 2012 condemning Singapore taxi drivers for being incompetent and not knowing their routes saying they were the worst taxi drivers in the world




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A foreigner, who was hated by some Singaporeans for looking down on local working-class taxi drivers, has managed to get Singapore citizenship.

In July 2012, expat Chris J Reed wrote a blog post in which he declared that Singapore taxi drivers are the worst in the world.

Chris – who had been living in Singapore for three years – claimed that local cabbies don’t know the way to destinations, disappear when it rains, and are picky when it comes to choosing customers.

In a blog post titled “Singapore has the worst taxi drivers in the world”, Chris – who, at the time, served as regional partnerships director (Asia Pacific) of marketing agency Partnership Marketing – ranted about taxi drivers who asked passengers which route to take.

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In the post, which was republished by the Singapore Business Review website, he blasted: “My response is two-fold: You’re not new to Singapore, you have lived here all your life, and it’s your bloody job to know the way! They want to be told the way even though it’s their job and they are…being paid for this service! Why don’t they take responsibility and know the routes?”

Chris went on to say that drivers, taxi companies and the Government are to be blamed for this “incompetence.” Criticising taxi companies who “do not train their taxi drivers,” Chris called on the Government to improve the local service.

He cautioned that Singapore taxi drivers will continue to be the “world’s worst taxi drivers and continue to be the black mark on the tourism and business marketing of our otherwise amazingly run city state” if nothing changes.

Chris’ comments created a firestorm online and he quickly drew hate for looking down on local working-class taxi drivers. The backlash against Chris was so severe that he was fired from Partnership Marketing.

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Today, eight years later, Chris has received Singapore citizenship. Chris wrote on LinkedIn:

“Who would have thought that when I was fired from my job for writing a blog about taxi drivers 8 years ago that I would redeem myself by creating and building Black Marketing into a global LinkedIn marketing firm, contributing to Singapore’s economy, which led to my proudest moment, becoming a Singaporean citizen and picking up my beautiful red passport today…
“Just in time to celebrate our Independence Day on Friday. You cannot wipe the smile from my face! Majulah Singapura”

On his LinkedIn account, Chris claims that he is “the most recommended keynote speaker, CEO, entrepreneur and bestselling author on LinkedIn” and calls himself “The Only CEO With A Mohawk”.

Describing himself as “opinion splitting” and “controversial,” Chris claims: “I am serial global entrepreneur having created and sold marketing firms in Europe and now in Asia from my home of 10 years, Singapore. I love the place so much that I renounced my UK citizenship and am now a fully fledged Singaporean citizen.”

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Chris has published three self-help books for entrepreneurs and claims that he is guaranteed to make his clients best-selling authors. His company, Singapore-based Black Marketing, offers a service of managing their clients’ LinkedIn accounts for them.

Chris apparently lectures at Singapore universities and mentors “entrepreneurs and students in Singapore” as well.

Singaporeans on social media are sharing screenshots of Chris’ post and photo showing he is now a Singapore citizen and are wondering how a foreigner who was hated by so many Singaporeans for talking down to working class taxi drivers here gets to become a Singapore citizen. -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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