Home News Employer allegedly forces domestic helper to wash clothes until hands bleed

Employer allegedly forces domestic helper to wash clothes until hands bleed




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The friend of a foreign domestic worker shared photos of her friend’s bloody hands, saying the latter was not allowed to use a washing machine and was forced by the employer to wash clothes by hand.

The photos shared show hands with skin flaking off, and many small bloody cuts all over them.

The post, shared on August 4 read, “in behalf of my friend she’s asking advice from me coz she cannot tahan (tolerate) the pain on her hands. She say very painful and very itchy also”.

The foreign domestic helper’s friend alleges, “Her boss doesn’t care and just ask her to put moisturizer. also her agency doesn’t care about it. Her boss don’t allow her to use washing machine (every hand wash). does anyone of you encounter this situation also?”

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Earlier this month, a woman, Zariah, was jailed for 11 years after she hit the maid’s head and mouth with a hammer on at least four occasions. She also slashed her forearm with a chopper, and struck her forehead with a stone pestle.

Her husband, Dahlan hit the maid, Ms Khanifah, on her head with the cover of a frying pan.

Their abuse was horrendous and included striking Ms Khanifah in the mouth with a hammer, hitting the top row of her teeth and bottom lip. The maid had to clean her mouth with water and could not treat her injuries.

The woman also slashed Ms Khanifah’s forearm with a chopper while she was cleaning fish in the kitchen. She gave the maid a plaster to stop the bleeding. Ms Khanifah had to cover the wound using plastic and tape.

Zariah also pulled Ms Kahnifah’s left little finger back until a “tuk” sound was heard. Ms Khanifah could no longer straighten her finger after that.

The couple was ordered to pay a total of S$57,497 in compensation to Ms Khanifah, along with serving their respective jail terms.

Many of those who commented on the state of the domestic helper’s hands suggested that (the maid with bloody hands?) she leave to find employment elsewhere if her employers do not help. /TISG

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