Lifestyle Food Food tech company Tiffinlabs makes its mark in Singapore's fried chicken scene

Food tech company Tiffinlabs makes its mark in Singapore’s fried chicken scene

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Warning: Not for the faint of stomach.

Warning: You’re about to find yourself very hungry and craving both Southern Soul Nashville fried chicken and Korean fried chicken. Not for the faint of stomach.

Founded in 2019, food tech company TiffinLabs caters to restaurateurs who are looking to maximise their kitchen space and diversify the restaurant’s alternate stream of revenue by 4 times. The cloud kitchen enabler concept modifies the traditional business model and strongly stretches on building a digital future with technology in meeting consumer demands. 

Using consumer data, product research and development, food production, and authentic ingredients, Tiffinlabs has created an increasing trend of American and Korean fusion recipes with innovative flavour profiles for a crunchy experience like never before. 

One of the brands that come under Tiffinlabs is Southern Soul Nashville fried chicken. The food from here pays tribute to the hearty, bold flavour of the Deep South, but with a fresh and modern twist with their ghost pepper, the world’s hottest chilli pepper. A blend of piquant flavours and spicy notes, this dish is a true delight for even the pickiest of eaters.

Southern Soul’s Southern Fried Chicken

We tried: Southern Soul’s Golden Nashville Chicken Bagel’wich, Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich, Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders and Mashed potatoes. 

The deliciously golden fried chicken strips that were the Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders left us wanting much more – that is, we could not stop eating and wanted more! The chicken was juicy and soft; the coating was crispy and tangy – the perfect combination of everything you’d want in Chicken Tenders.

Golden Nashville Chicken Bagel’wich

We had the Golden Nashville Chicken Bagel’wich, Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich as well, both with crunchy, juicy chicken thigh slathered in Southern Soul’s signature Nashville-style hot sauce, complemented with dill pickles, fresh coleslaw. We found that the bagel made all the difference, lending a firmer and chewier texture, and overall just locking in every bit of flavour from the chicken.

Nashville Chicken Sandwich

We also tried offerings from Phat Fingers, a Korean fried chicken concept inspired by the playful and often messy affair of having fried chicken with your hands. From yummy burgers and wings in hot sauce, it’s a casual meal fit for any occasion.

We tried: Soy Garlic Tenders, Yangnyeom Wings, Honey Butter Wings, Nuclear Warhead Burger, Psy’s Chicken Burger, Kimchi Slaw and Classic Fries 

First off, their Kimchi Slaw was to die for. The perfect combination of creamy coleslaw with that sour kick from the fermented kimchi. The perfect companion to a fried chicken meal. It was tough to decide which we liked more: the burgers or the wings. Probably both.

Nuclear Warhead Burger

The Nuclear Warhead Burger was our favourite because of how well-balanced it was. Crunchy twice-fried chicken thigh hand brushed with a spicy glaze, grilled pineapple, creamy cabbage slaw and our house-made gochujang aioli in between two maple-glazed soft buns.

Psy’s Soy Garlic wings

Psy’s Soy Garlic wings came in a close second, with fried chicken coated in an umami-packed soy garlic glaze.

Our verdict: The Golden Nashville Chicken Bagel’wich from Southern Soul and the Nuclear Warhead Burger from Phat Fingers came at the top and were our must-haves. 


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