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Food delivery riders can earn S$8K to S$11K monthly — Former radio DJ speculates

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Is it true that you can hit S$8K to S$11K per month if you do food delivery? Sure you can, but the question is, are you ready to put in the hours and learn how to play the game?

Former radio broadcaster and educator who has co-founded three digital media start-ups, Dzar Ismail, took to social media last week speculating if it was possible for food delivery riders to earn big bucks.

In a Facebook post, the former deejay for local Malay radio station Ria 89.7FM asked: “Betul ke boleh hit $8.5K per month kalau buat food delivery? What sort of hours kene sacrifice dan location mana kene main kalau nak hit that number? Curious”.

His post roughly translates to: “Is it true that you can hit $8.5K per month if you do food delivery? What sort of hours must be sacrificed and which location must be played if you want to hit that number? Curious”.

Within a few days, his post garnered more than 300 reactions and almost 200 comments from netizens, many of whom said it was possible to hit S$8,500 a month as a food delivery rider.

The consensus that many netizens who commented came to, was that it was indeed possible to earn at least S$3,000 to S$4,000 a month, but only if the person were to work very hard at it.

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The comments also prompted another post from Dzar Ismail who wrote: “Received this screenshot from wadsapp after my post enquiring about about food delivery earnings. Impressive. This person earned $11,274 for the month of February this year”.

The delivery rider would make about S$300 a day on average, with his monthly earnings totalling more than S$11,274.

Recently, a concerned individual took to social media to explain why Singaporeans choose not to work for food and beverage businesses after her husband was allegedly exploited while working in the industry.

“All these F&B kao pek kao pek why no locals want to work for them and rather do Grab delivery,” a Complaint Singapore Facebook page member wrote on April 9. The woman explained that her husband once worked for a restaurant that “exploited him.”

Her husband allegedly clocked contractually 246 hours a month and was not paid for overtime.

“No bonuses, no transport (compensation), no allowances in a month for three years with zero increments and no career progressions,” she said, adding that her husband was just “dumped” at a particular food station for three years.

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The woman noted that her husband was paid S$1,800 contractually, “but they still anyhow dock and owe him S$7,000 in two years, anyhow dismiss, harass, threaten, sabotage and held him back from a new job.”

“With such a lousy environment, Grab delivery is more appealing,” she wrote, attaching a post by Singapore Uncensored of a food delivery rider making 951 deliveries in a month in 2020, earning over S$11,000. /TISG

Woman explains why S’poreans don’t work for F&B companies, says Grab delivery ‘more appealing’

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