Michael Whatley, the new chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) said that the committee plans to merge with the Trump campaign and make sure that there is a unified operation that’s going to be in the field. Winning the election will be its single motivation.

With Donald Trump having secured the GOP nomination last week, and the RNC under new management, the timing is right for the two entities to try and secure victories, not just in the White House, but in flipping the Senate.

On Thursday night, Whatley distributed a three-page memorandum to the staff, underscoring the organization’s renewed commitment to voter turnout and fostering unity with the Trump campaign.

Whatlay: Focused on winning

“Our focus on election integrity this cycle will involve a comprehensive initiative in the upcoming months to contest voter identification and signature verification regulations implemented during the 2020 election. The RNC’s updated approach to such legal actions will be assertive and forward-thinking, aimed at guaranteeing that voting is accessible and fraud prevention is robust.”

“We must harness every tool utilized by our opponents for our own endeavors… We are dedicated to achieving unprecedented milestones and thoroughly updating the organization leading up to Election Day,” Whatley expressed.

“Grow the Vote”

In terms of political strategy, the RNC aims to initiate a “Grow the Vote” initiative aimed at engaging nontraditional Republican voters and individuals with low voting propensity, as outlined in the memo.

Whatley highlighted the two main agenda items for the merger that were explicitly emphasized to the staff:

“No. 1, we need to get out the vote, and No. 2, we need to protect the ballot,” he said on “American Agenda.” “So, everything we do is really focused on winning where we need to win. Up and down the ballot, all across the country.”

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