SINGAPORE: Fake news suggesting that Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong endorses commercial products has been making rounds on the Internet, leading the PM-designate to vehemently refute these claims on social media.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Mr Wong revealed that he was alerted to the scam posts and misinformation circulating online. The deceptive content includes deepfake videos portraying him endorsing various products, along with false news suggesting that the government is contemplating the reinstatement of circuit breaker measures.

In his Facebook statement, Mr Wong urged the public to exercise greater vigilance and discernment when encountering information on the internet. He emphasized the need to distinguish between authentic and misleading content.

The DPM’s response highlights the growing challenge of misinformation and deepfake content in the digital era. Mr Wong said, in his post:

“Some have alerted me to recent scam posts and messages. There are deepfakes of me endorsing commercial products, and also misinformation circulating on various networks that the government is looking to reinstate a circuit breaker. These are all falsehoods. Let’s stay vigilant and discerning online!”

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