SINGAPORE: A confrontation occurred along Circular Road after a car driver double-parked on Thursday afternoon (7 Dec), blocking oncoming traffic and causing heavy road congestion. A motorcyclist braved the rain to help marshal the oncoming vehicles, but it took about 30 minutes for the owner to return to the car.

Facebook user Jan Rick Camara Mascarina documented the episode by uploading several video clips on the Complaint Singapore page, drawing attention to the illegal parking situation that resulted in a 30-minute traffic standstill and frustrated drivers. Revealing that the incident occurred at 3:52pm, he said: “A red Mitsubishi SJR7235 has been blocking the road at Circular Road for quite a while. Good Samaritan biker helps marshal cars for a while in the rain while driver of red Mitsubishi came back about half an hour later to some very angry and impatient drivers causing a confrontation.”

The videos Jan Rick posted show that the section of the road where the car was parked illegally is a one-way road, and the parking spaces in front of the shops on both sides were full of cars. The red Mitsubishi car was parked illegally next to a parking space and appeared occupied with passengers, with its windshield wipers in motion.

As seen in the footage, the large size of the Mitsubishi impeded the flow of traffic, leaving irate drivers behind it futilely honking their horns. At one point, someone holding an umbrella came to check the car, but there was nothing they could do.

A motorcyclist, undeterred by the pouring rain, took it upon himself to alleviate the traffic chaos. Wearing a raincoat, the Good Samaritan inspected adjacent vehicles to ensure they remained unscathed and directed them to carefully navigate the obstructing Mitsubishi.

Despite the motorcyclist’s efforts, it took an agonizing half-hour for the car owner to return to the scene. Upon his arrival, four impatient men confronted the driver, expressing their displeasure with the illegal parking. Angry exchanges and curses could be heard as tensions escalated.

After finally getting into the car, the owner faced further reprimands from a man in white who captured the incident on his mobile phone. Despite the mounting frustration, the driver did not immediately drive away, prompting the man in white to hit the vehicle.

The stand-off continued until the owner drove away, allowing the blocked traffic to resume.