Singapore — Netizens who saw a flyer mention a S$1 charge for a “chit-chat session” with  Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong were confused further when a doctored version made its way around social media.

The flyer was circulated before the session on Saturday (Dec 12) but a doctored version  also made its way around social media and Whatsapp Messenger, giving netizens the impression that they were being charged to chat with the minister. The doctored flyer had the words “12.12” and “Special Promotion”.

12.12 is known for having discounts and bargains as the last online shopping festival of the year.

As a result, many netizens online assumed that they were being charged S$1 to speak with Mr Gan although the flyer mentioned that door gifts would be given to each person attending the event.

Mr Gan is the adviser to Chua Chu Kang grassroots organisations.

Following the session, a post on the Facebook page of Chua Chu Kang CC said: “We understand that are some questions over the need to charge residents S$1 for the chit-chat session.”

“We would like to assure residents that the nominal fees went towards logistics, souvenirs and food. In view of safe distancing measures, the organisers decided not to provide breakfast this time round. Instead, each registered attendee was given a packet of 10 eggs at the end of event”.

The CC also clarified that the RC does not make any profit from organising community events.

Later, in response to a comment on its clarification, the CC said it had organised events in the past for free with registrants not turning up on the day itself. This resulted in a wastage of resources and costs incurred. It added that, with a nominal fee, the turn up rate was close to 95 per cent.
The CC agreed, however, that the marketing could be improved as the poster could easily be taken out of context. It added that it was definitely working on it. /TISG