As former President Donald Trump approaches his 78th birthday next week, his fate hangs precariously on the upcoming November 5 presidential election. According to former federal prosecutor Harry Litman, Trump’s defeat in his bid for reelection could result in a lifelong prison sentence.

Litman, who previously served as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, shared his stark prediction on a recent podcast episode. “If he doesn’t win, he has an appreciable chance of dying in prison.”

Does defeat in November mean prison?

He emphasized that November’s election is a critical juncture for Trump, marking a “do-or-die moment” for the former president to regain power and avoid spending the remainder of his life behind bars.

Trump’s legal troubles are extensive. While his Manhattan trial ended last week with a guilty verdict on charges related to a hush-money cover-up, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump faces three more criminal trials: two federal cases and one state case in Fulton County, Georgia. These upcoming trials pose far more severe penalties than the New York case.

In the federal cases, Trump is charged with four felony counts related to election interference and 37 felony counts for allegedly mishandling classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. However, if Trump wins the presidency, he could order the Department of Justice to drop the charges or even pardon himself if convicted before taking office.

Despite the potential for a maximum 20-year sentence following his recent New York conviction, experts suggest that as a first-time offender, Trump might serve significantly less time, if any.

It’s the White House or jail

However, former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann believes that Trump’s conduct during the trial could still land him in prison. Weissmann pointed out Trump’s persistent lack of remorse and multiple violations of a gag order as factors that might influence Judge Juan Merchan’s sentencing decision on July 11.

As Trump’s legal battles continue to unfold, the stakes for the former president have never been higher. The outcome of the November election could very well determine whether he spends his twilight years in the White House or behind bars.

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