A customer was shocked to see a worm in her bowl of laksa which she had almost finished eating; however, not everyone from the online community was as disgusted because laksa gravy was apparently made with worms in the past.

“OMG. Almost finished eating this bowl of laksa, then (I) saw this at the bean sprout. OMG, so disgusting lo,” wrote Facebook page Complaint Singapore member Veron Lok on Monday (July 4).

She attached photos of her meal and the worm she caught on her fork. Ms Lok’s son checked and informed her that the insect was a mealworm.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore
Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

“Just let you guys to take note when you are eating laksa at Blk 302 Marsiling S11 coffeeshop,” she added.

Some say that if the discovered worm was indeed a mealworm, then it’s safe for human consumption, even accidentally.

Mealworms are the second stage of a mealworm beetle’s life cycle. According to partybugs.com, mealworms are edible for humans and processed into several insect food items.

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The European Food Safety Authority also concluded that mealworms are safe for human consumption.

Regarding worms in laksa, herworld.com notes, “In the 1950s, earthworms were added to laksa (for saltiness), as well as maggots (to “eat away bacteria”).”

Netizens on the post confirmed the same. “Laksa gravy is made and mixed with seaworms from the beach to stay fresh. So when they stirred the gravy many times in a day, it will not turn sour,” explained 73-year-old Facebook user Tony Wee. He said this was common practice back in the day.

“That is why the hawkers do not serve you the sediments at base of the laksa soup. They only scooped the gravy at the top. It’s a secret that only the laksa hawker knows but can’t tell you. Do they still do it now? I am sure it’s the same old recipe used in the original way from years ago.”

“Older gens know that’s quite normal. Expected to find them in the gravy actually,” added Facebook user Willis C. Wil. /TISG

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