SINGAPORE: A man in his late 30s took to social media saying: “Despite having all the great things in life, I still feel there is something not right”. He attributed this to losing his ambition and drive.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man shared that he and his wife were both in their late 30s. He added that they each earned about S$20,000 monthly (not including year end bonus (average 30-40% of our annual base). Somehow I feel lost”. The man described them as financially smart as they were not into luxury goods or flashy card yet they owned 2 landed properties in Singapore. “The housing loan is only about 40% of the asset prices. It’s all from our hard earned money, we started and made everything from zero. No lottery winning whatsoever. We are lucky as the houses have appreciated alot after COVID. The mortgage is only around 10% of our monthly income as one house is paid by itself using rental income”.

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When it came to hobbies, he said they would spend at least 1.5 months travelling yearly with their children. “Despite having all the great things in life, I still feel there is something not right. I probably lose my ambition to strive hard. My career is probably too easy, it’s definitely difficult for others but I manage it so well. I have tried moving out of my comfort zones many times but always get things done so well and feel everything mediocre again. My work day is just simply to wait for the weekends to come”, the man said.

He added that he did not know what to look forward to in the next 10 years. He asked if he should just continue but said that he felt extremely bored. “It is a bit early for me to give up doing something great in life? Any advices to refresh my mind? Is it worth it to jump into something big?” he asked netizens.

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One netizen who commented on his post said: “You are feeling this way because you live for yourself. Try living for others and see how you can contribute to the society. Not charity. Not giving fishes. You can setup companies or organisations to teach others how to improve their livelihood via methods you are capable of. If having a combined income of half a million each year leads you to boredom, I can’t imagine people like Taylor Swift. Thus, she gives back”.

Another commentator suggested something similar: “Feel bored? Try donating a portion of your assets, a portion of your pay. Thats how you can make others happy and create some handicap for yourself. Definitely challenging”. /TISG