The Consumer’s Association of Singapore (CASE) is looking into whether to flag Royal Automotive in Woodlands Close for chalking up 12 complaints since July this year. Two Chinese newspapers, Lianhe Zaobao and Lianhe Wanbao, reported on the complaints received by this car dealer earlier this week.

In responding to the Chinese newspapers’ reports in its Facebook, the CEO of Royal Automotive said that he was dismayed by their “deceitful write-ups”.

It said: “This is simply a false statement that have been given by the newspapers. Royal will take legal action against the write-up over the easy-way of tarnishing our reputation. We have our cars ready and have been meeting customers to update car status. We are operating as usual and ready to overcome this hurdle.”

In another note Royal added that it “is putting legwork to win back lapsed customers and also re-activating customers that might be/are off the radar.”

Facebook users who commented on Royal Automotive’s Facebook page complained that the Facebook admins were deleting unfavourable comments.

Vanessa Tan said: “Please don’t be NATO (No Action Talk Only). Do what you say and give back everyone’s refund asap.”

Another Facebook Chris Melody Soh said that there were “many, many victims” with her and that the matter is “under investigation now”.

In a consumer alert dated 4 Nov, CASE flagged TLC Cars Singapore and TLC Cars Pte Ltd – that it received 8 complaints against the related companies. The complaints were mainly about consumers making partial or full payment to the motoring business for the purchase of a car, but failed to receive the car on the promised delivery date. The registered office address of the company is at 210 Turf Club Road #B-07 The Grandstand Singapore 287995.

Today, it also flagged SG Auto located in Ang Mo Kio Street 62. CASE received 20 complaints against this auto dealer.

CASE had also flagged other car dealers recently. The dealers being De Auto Boutique and Exodus Global (41 complaints between January and October); SG Vehicles (30 complaints between January and November last year); and Cars Today (12 complaints since November 2014).

All except for SG Vehicles which is operating in Bukit Merah, have closed shop since being placed on CASE’s consumer alert.

Case explained the nature of most complaints as such in its website:

“The unfair practices complained by consumers include misleading claims being made by employees or agents of TLC Cars Singapore and TLC Cars Pte. Ltd. (section 4(a) of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, Chapter 52A (“CPFTA”)), false claims (section 4(b) of the CPFTA) and making false claims that goods or services are available or available in particular quantities or prices, etc (Example 5 of the Second Schedule of the CPFTA).

Consumers have feedback to CASE that the business owner is uncontactable and the premises of the business have been vacated.

Consumers who wish to report any unfair practices committed can contact CASE. Alternatively, consumers may lodge a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal for losses / damages suffered as a result of any unfair practices committed.

When engaging any motoring company, consumers should always ensure that they do their homework by looking up the company to ensure that they have a good track record in their transactions with consumers. Where possible, consumers should negotiate to pay as low a deposit as possible, to minimise their risks in the event that something goes wrong with the transaction. They should also keep all proofs of transactions such as receipts and invoices and ensure that all verbal agreements are put down in writing for ease of dispute resolution.

We would advise consumers to consider engaging CaseTrust accredited motoring businesses as far as possible. Such businesses have committed themselves to fair trading and are required to go for compulsory mediation at the CASE Mediation Centre in the event of a dispute if requested by the consumer. The list of CaseTrust accredited businesses can be found at

For consumer tips on purchasing motor vehicles, please visit:”