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The conversations regarding the illegals coming to America have been talked about frequently since November last year. However, most Americans feel that the crisis has gotten out of hand and that the government should focus on regulating the issue rather than making it bigger. 

Boston’s Mayor, Wu is seemingly an unpopular figure among conservatives. She recently mistakenly sent an e-mail regarding a no-Whites Christmas party which angered a lot of X users. According to NDTV, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu faced backlash over a holiday party that excluded white council members, sparking criticism for its exclusionary invitations. 

Hosted at city hall, the racially-based exclusions drew disapproval from council members and social media. 

While an initial email invited all 13 members, White members were later informed of their exclusion. Intended to celebrate diversity, the move stirred concerns about inclusivity and potential discrimination. Mayor Wu clarified it as an inadvertent error but aimed to foster a city living its values, emphasizing inclusivity for all communities. 

Denise DosSantos, the mayor’s aide, apologized, acknowledging the mistake and any unintended offense caused by the email.

Conservatives encouraging to send illegal immigrants to Boston 

For the most part, conservatives understand that there are individuals who need asylum for the protection of the United States. However, not everyone who crosses the border illegally should be regarded as someone who needs asylum status. They feel that this rhetoric will be the eventual destruction of the country. 


X users state that the migrants that moved into their neighbourhoods have disrupted their spaces. Furthermore, the user claims that these individuals stole electricity after a house with 4 bedrooms had 45 illegal immigrants living in it. There are several other graphic descriptions of what they did to which destroyed the Boston neighbourhood after just a few years. 

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