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Nikki Haley, one of the runners for the Republican Presidency has made several remarks about her past. However, most Americans were shocked to find out that she is actually of Indian origin rather than White. Her facial features and southern accent would most probably make most Americans assume she is a White woman. 

CBS Austin states, Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, ignites controversy by claiming she faced discrimination as the only Indian family in her South Carolina town during her childhood. Born to Sikh parents from India, Haley cited constant teasing for being “brown.” 

Her reluctance to explicitly mention sl*very as a cause of the Civil War drew criticism, with accusations of race-baiting and playing the race card. Commenters questioned the authenticity of her experiences, highlighting diverse backgrounds without facing daily discrimination.

Following that, the interview’s polarizing impact underscores skepticism about Haley’s narrative, challenging her portrayal as a victim of racial prejudice and fueling debates on social media.

Conservatives on X implying Nikki Haley is “White passing” 

Conservatives on X are stating that she is simply playing the gender and race card because she is losing to Trump. Furthermore, many are accusing her of being a pure Democrat rather than a Republican. Plus, she has made comments about how there is no “rac*sm in America” but at the same time, she talks about herself being discriminated against in the past. 


Following that, some users are calling her a “tan White person.” They state that there are some Europeans who are darker but they did not receive any threats or discrimination. However, this is a subjective topic as her name and surname were obviously different from her peers back in the day. 


Another user states that the only “brown” thing about her are her hair and “teeth.” Regardless, many are poking fun at the Republican candidate, most of them feel that she would be better off as a Democrat candidate. 

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