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Controversy erupts as liberals stereotype former President Donald Trump supporters as predominantly rural and White, drawing conservative backlash for alleged discrimination. Critics denounce the sweeping generalization, fueling partisan tensions.

The Wrap states, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” featured authors Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman discussing their book, “White Rural Rage,” where they labeled White rural Americans as a “threat to democracy.” 

They highlighted voting patterns and attitudes towards issues like LGBTQ+ rights and COVID-19, attributing them to a lack of economic opportunity and education in rural areas. 

Schaller emphasized anti-democratic sentiments and acceptance of violence among this demographic, while Waldman underscored their frustration, suggesting they feel ignored by the political system. The discussion ignited debate over rural America’s role in democracy and the factors influencing their beliefs and behaviors.

Conservatives react to liberals calling Trump supporters “rural White people”

Furthermore, X users state that it is ironic that these rural people were previously Democrat supporters. However, when Trump rose in popularity, they started to sway to the Republican side. Now, the Democrats are calling them a threat to democracy, simply for them not wanting to vote for their party. 

In addition to this, X users state that rural White people are arguably one of the kindest and loving people in America. They help America by producing food, drafting into wars and providing energy towards the country. Users are asking what has the author of the book done to help society? 

Others state that rural Americans are cooler than they thought. The book has received bad reviews, for obvious reasons. 

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