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While many Democrats are discussing Trump’s case in court, not many are discussing the problems Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son is currently facing. There are several allegations towards the first son in relation to the possession of substance and concealed weapons. Following that, he blamed the MAGA supporters for damaging his character. 

Breitbart states, Hunter Biden recently defied a congressional subpoena, opting for a public statement crafted by his legal team. His strategy involved playing the victim, citing addiction as an excuse for avoiding the law and exploiting his family name for personal gain. This move is expected to prompt contempt of Congress proceedings from House Republicans.

At a D.C. press conference, Hunter’s optics clashed with his reputation; dressed in a suit, he typically appears in less formal attire. He portrayed himself as a victim of a political witch hunt, despite facing federal charges and criminal indictments.

His statement regarding his father’s lack of financial involvement in his business seemed carefully worded, hinting at indirect ties to Joe Biden. However, Hunter’s actions tell a different story. Despite the defiance, he likely anticipates a presidential pardon that could absolve him of legal repercussions. This brazen move might backfire politically, compelling previously hesitant Republicans to support an investigation into the president.

However, there are now several questions aimed towards President Biden with regards to Hunter’s business. Coupled with the inflation thanks to Biden’s Bidenomics along with the migrant problems, it appears that the American people may be tired of their current President. 

X users react to Hunter Biden’s “trolling” 


Now, there are several allegations thrown by the Republicans regarding this matter. Claims that the President benefited from his son’s business is one thing, and there are allegations that his son had help to build his business. Moreover, Democrat supporters state that Hunter Biden is not the one running for President. 


Republican supporters state that Hunter has “some nerve” to do what he did. Conservative commentators state that former President Donald Trump’s sons did everything through the legal process, the same should be applied to the current President’s son. 

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