It seems that the woke world is more focused with the gender identity of a criminal that made national headlines rather than the crime the individual did. Furthermore, conservatives are angry after finding out that an attacker’s gender was investigated when resources could’ve been used for the betterment of something else instead. 

Newsweek states, Houston Police Department (HPD) identified Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36, as the suspect who allegedly opened fire at Lakewood Church, one of the country’s largest congregations. During a press conference, HPD provided insights into the attack but did not disclose Moreno’s motive. 

Moreno, fatally attacked by security, was not identified as transgender by the police despite social media speculation. Christopher Hassig, HPD Homicide Division commander, clarified Moreno’s gender identity and mentioned her history of using both male and female aliases. 

The investigation revealed some hateful writings, possibly linked to a familial dispute involving Moreno’s ex-husband’s Jewish family. The FBI emphasized it’s early to determine the shooting’s motive.

Conservatives angry at Houston police dept for wasting time investigating gender identity of attacker


Furthermore, conservatives state that we should not give the time of our day by “respecting” the gender identity of an individual who set out to do harm in society. They state that the attacker is clearly a female, and that there is no need to speculate whether she is a man or a woman. 


In addition to this, Elon Musk states that this is a seriously messed up priority. Other conservatives state that the United States is no longer a serious country once it went woke. Many are still dumbfounded that the gender identity of a criminal led an entirely separate investigation for the police force to investigate. 

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