Seats at a beginners’ coding workshop that is scheduled to be run by three Workers’ Party (WP) parliamentarians have sold out after the event drew an overwhelming response from the public.

Jointly organised by the Aljunied Constituency Committee and Singapore-based e-commerce platform, Shopee, the workshop will teach participants how to code in Python. Sengkang GRC MP Jamus Lim and Aljunied GRC MPs Gerald Giam and Leon Perera are set to run the workshop alongside Shopee’s head of regional operations & people team, Lim Teck Yong.

The workshop, which will also include a hands-on session where participants can learn how to build a chatbot, will be held over video conferencing app Zoom on Monday (Dec 14) from 2 to 4.30 pm.

Only 50 spots are available for the workshop and registration was open last week. Although the registration was set to be open until 9 December, Aljunied GRC announced on Sunday (29 Nov) that it has closed the registration due to overwhelming demand.

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Promising to hold more skills development events in the future, Aljunied GRC said on Facebook: “Due to an overwhelming response, the registration is now closed. Those who have successfully registered for the workshop will receive a confirmation email by 12 Dec 20.

“For those who have been unable to secure a place, we shall aim to hold future events to cater to your interest and continue contributing to skills development in areas like coding.”

Both Mr Perera and Mr Giam shared the announcement on their personal Facebook pages. Mr Giam thanked the public for their support and added: “Thank you for those who signed up for our basic coding workshop. The workshop is now full and registrations have been closed. For those who couldn’t secure a spot this time, we hope you can join future such sessions!”

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