SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to warn others about what she called a “CNY cookie scam,” posting photos of a clear plastic container that looked to be full of cookies from the outside, but she claimed it was empty in the middle.

The second photo that u/Sweaty_Ruby posted on r/Singapore, taken from the bottom of the container, showed that the cookies had only been stacked on the sides of the container, but the middle portion had no cookies.

Reddit screengrab/u/Sweaty_Ruby

“My mom paid $14 (U.P. $16) for a jar of this,” the Reddit user wrote.

Reddit screengrab/u/Sweaty_Ruby

The Independent Singapore has contacted the company for further comments and will update the story when we hear from them.

Nevertheless, commenters on u/Sweaty_Ruby’s Reddit post expressed unhappiness and disappointment with the brand, given that it’s had quite a good reputation for many years.

One was concerned that “the store is doing itself a disservice by doing this because it will be seen as dishonest.”

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“I always said: fool me once and you’ll win today. Next time I guarantee I will never buy from you again,” wrote another.

“Why don’t they just sell it in a smaller container instead of hollowed stacking like this? This kind of display is dishonest and should not be allowed in Singapore,” a Reddit user chimed in.

Some wondered why a smaller container was not used if only a certain amount of grams had been indicated on the label. On the company’s website, a container of strawberry marshmallow cookies that looks similar to the photo u/Sweaty_Ruby posted says that it contains 700 grams of the sweet and sells for S$15.

Others recommended that the post author buy Chinese New Year goodies from Bengawan Solo, another popular brand of pastries and sweets, instead, saying that it has never let them down.

“Quality has remained consistent and same as what I remembered as a kid tbh. Yes prices have risen but cost of ingredients, along with rent, labour are up too, so that is to be expected,” one wrote.

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One weighed in by writing about a personal favourite: “Mdm Ling’s butter cookies are really good!” /TISG

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