The ultra left wing policies enacted by the Democrats are seemingly backfiring on them, one of the major pinpoints is the illegal migrant crisis. Furthermore, there are several cities like Chicago in America that do have this designation, but it seems that the residents that voted for this law are now against it. 

According to sources, amid the influx of over 21,000 migrants in Chicago from Texas, moves to challenge the city’s sanctuary status have intensified. A coalition cautioned Chicago City Council members about potential dangers to longtime residents if former President Trump is reelected. 

The Rules Committee is set to vote on a referendum regarding Chicago’s sanctuary city status during the March primary. One proposal aims to limit city aid for migrants, while another seeks to sustain sanctuary status.

However, Chicago’s sanctuary status, focused on protecting undocumented immigrants, doesn’t involve aiding these legal migrants. Despite this, Aldermen Beale and Lopez seek a non-binding referendum, criticizing Mayor Johnson’s support for migrants. Texas Governor Abbott’s actions further strain the situation, causing $361 million in taxpayer costs.

Following that, Chicago residents state that their voices can’t be silenced. Statements like these were made after the city council rejected the bid for local residents to weigh in their stance and opinions regarding the city’s sanctuary status. 

Chicago residents blaming their mayor for rise in illegal migrants 


However, conservatives state that these residents are getting exactly what they voted for. Furthermore, X users state that there is “no refunds” for the policies that the residents actively voted for. Others felt that this is a misuse of the American taxpayer dollar and that it could be used to fund something else. 

Others hope that these residents would vote “correctly” for the next elections in order for the illegal migrant crisis to end. It seems that even the strongest Democrat supporters are tired of their ultra left-leaning policies. 

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