Conservatives on X are vehemently angry towards the Chicago Mayor for prioritizing illegal immigrants in the United States. Furthermore, his announcement to send $17 million to non-White businesses in order to fulfill that is adding salt to the wound. Each American business owner should be entitled to receive any state or governmental funds in order to fulfill a task. 

CBS News states, Chicago officials visited BJ’s Market and Bakery on Tuesday to showcase the city’s initiative in providing meals to asylum seekers housed in city shelters. Mayor Brandon Johnson and his team toured the South Deering restaurant, one of 17 businesses supported by $17.6 million in state funds and private donations. 

Furthermore, these businesses, mostly Black- and Latino-owned, have been supplying approximately 18,000 daily meals since late 2023. Executive Director Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago Food Depository praised the program for both aiding migrants and supporting local minority-owned businesses. 

BJ’s Market reported a 100% revenue increase, allowing them to hire four more staff since joining the effort.

Chicago Mayor funded $17 million to non-White businesses to feed illegal immigrants

Conservatives state that this is a very un-American act as our veterans are homeless and abandoned. Ironically, these politicians are focusing on bringing illegals to the United States but are turning a blind eye to those who bravely fought for their nation. Many feel that some ultra liberal politicians are not prioritizing the American people. 


Furthermore, conservatives feel that the Chicago Mayor is discriminatory towards White business owners. Prioritizing to feed illegals while also supporting business owners by race is seen as something extremely controversial. White business owners are getting nothing according to some conservatives 

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