MALACCA – The sharing of a video of a ‘haunted’ mosque in Malacca by a Reddit user has now gone viral. The video showed a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a “ghostly entity” moving furniture at a village mosque in Malacca, Malaysia The video footage showed two wooden screens, commonly used as barriers for prayer space being moved around without any human manipulation.
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The incident which happened at the Jamek Tadong Mosque in Jasin, was captured late last month, over a week before the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan. The video according to Sinar Harian was orinally uploaded by the mosque’s chairman, Akhbar Ali.
Mr Akhbar said that he did not upload the video to spook worshipers away from praying in the building, but because it “reflected the greatness of the Almighty as it happened in God’s house”. Mr Akhbar further refuted claims by some netizens that the spooky incident was created by evil spirits or that it was a hoax.
“Maybe some view the bizarre incident as something that scares them, but my ‘Nawaitu’ (intention) is to show the greatness of the Almighty, as God is everywhere,” Mr Akhbar said.
“We (as Muslims) also have to believe in the existence of supernatural beings, but it all depends on people’s perspective. In fact, this incident has popularized the name of the new mosque, which was built on donated land,” he added.