What was supposed to be a birthday surprise turned into a disaster after the customised cake that arrived looked nothing like the photo and was smaller than a hand.

Facebook page Complaint Singapore member Siti Nursufiani shared “another horror baker story” from e-commerce platform Carousell, which the netizen dubbed as “carouHELL.”

Ms Nursufiani’s sister had ordered a cake from Carousell seller @thecakesstudio for her nephew’s 5th birthday.

Based on the communication between the seller and customer, this is what the cake should look like:

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The seller confirmed some details, such as the background and if the cake would be in 3D. “Can. 3D is S$125,” said the seller.

Although it seemed that the transaction would push through without complications, this is what arrived.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

For those wanting some justification, the cake did look like a train, somewhat.

Unfortunately, it was bite-sized.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The post included photos from the bakery, featuring appealing designs that could convince any customer of the baker’s capabilities.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

“What arrived was totally unexpected, plain cruel and not to mention a joke! She paid S$125 in total, and for that tiny size, it’s ridiculous!” said Ms Nursufiani.

“We were not expecting a super realistic grand high-end cake, but would you all serve this for your guests at a children’s birthday party?” she asked, noting they were still waiting for an update from the seller.

With over 150 comments to date, netizens warned others of potential scammers in Carousell posing as real bakeries.

“Are those images of nice cakes on Carousell the baker’s actual cakes? Or did they get them from somewhere else? Hard to believe it’s the same baker!” said Facebook page Sha Wetherell.

“Why do (people) buy food matters online that we don’t know how they make. Buy it from normal cake shops is better,” advised Facebook user RK Raaja Kumaran.

Others also advised customers to be clear with their instructions on customised orders, just in care. “It’s a customised order, so shouldn’t the cake size/dimension must be agreed on, to begin with? If yes, then the buyer can lodge a complaint,” said Facebook user Chiyo Catherine.

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A quick look on Carousell shows the username @thecakesstudio is not discoverable. There is another seller under the name @thcakesstudio with a few of the same listings shared by Ms Nursufiani.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to @thcakesstudio for a statement./TISG

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