Something interesting is happening in Boston. For most countries in the world, whether an immigrant is a taxpayer or not, they typically are not allowed to vote. Other countries would typically hand out a permanent resident identification card to allow them to stay and work in said country, but they’re not allowed to vote. However, liberals are thinking that non-citizens should also vote. 

According to, the Boston City Council endorsed a proposal allowing non-citizens with “legal status” to vote in local elections, a measure passing 8-4. Mayor Michelle Wu and the state Legislature must greenlight it, facing hurdles before implementation. The move aims to grant non-citizen immigrants in Boston, paying taxes, a voice in city polls. 

Following that, Councilor Kendra Lara, its proponent, shared her father’s inability to vote for her due to residency despite 30 years in Boston. Lara’s last council meeting featured her impassioned stance.

Non-citizen residents with “legal status” form over 28% of Boston’s population, contributing $2.3 billion annually. Similar rights exist in 15+ US cities like San Francisco and New York. Concerns over legality voiced by dissenting Councilors Flaherty and Flynn highlight potential obstacles and citizenship jeopardy for mistakenly voting non-citizens. 

Boston passes measure for non-Americans to vote 

Conservatives on X state that this is unconstitutional. Furthermore, X users feel that the Democrats are wanting to open the floodgates for all the immigrants to come in America. Some feel betrayed by their politicians for doing such things. The right to vote is typically reserved for those who are a citizen, to which even a foreign born person could be one too. 


Others state that most immigrants coming to America are running away from fascism in their countries. However, when they’re in America they would have the tendency to vote Democrat. Republicans are accusing the Democrats of being a fascist party, to which is a subject that is debatable. 

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