Home News Biker transports stingray by strapping it on his back

Biker transports stingray by strapping it on his back

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"do u think the stingray is actually now controlling him like a puppet after plugging in its tail" one netizen commented

SINGAPORE: A picture of a motorbike rider with a stingray on his back has gotten much attention on Reddit, with many users commenting on the unusual way of transporting the sea creature.

u/neslo_ice posted the photo on r/singapore on Thursday (Aug 3), and is captioned “Biker transports stingray by strapping it to himself.”

The photo does not appear to be AI-generated and seems to be set in Singapore, given the SBS bus and the road sign in the background, although where and when exactly the photo was taken is not indicated.

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Some Reddit users, however, pretended to express concern that the sea creature may pose a danger to the driver.

“Isn’t that prime position to get Irwined in the posterior?” Wrote one commenter in reference to Australian “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, who died of an injury caused by a stingray.

“Where did you think he tucked its tail into?” asked another.

Others made Avatar jokes.

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Another Reddit user took the matter more seriously, writing, “He should have wrapped it in plastic or put it in a bag. Leaving it exposed to the air during transport especially on the road travelling at high speed might get the fish contaminated by pollutants.”

One got clever and wrote, “I guess you could call it a… slingray.”

Some referenced that we must now pay for plastic bags in Singapore stores.


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