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President Biden asserted in a CNN interview that his administration’s job creation and inflation reduction efforts via Bidenomics surpassed those of predecessors. While acknowledging public concerns about corporate greed, he highlighted measures to address excessive bank fees and credit card charges. 

Biden emphasized ongoing initiatives to lower rental costs and bolster housing availability in response to inflation worries. However, despite his claims, CPI inflation remained constant at 1.4% between January 2021 and December 2020. 

Biden’s statements underscored the continued push to alleviate economic pressures while recognizing the imperative to curb corporate excesses.

Biden justifying Bidenomics claiming it reduced inflation 

Furthermore, people are saying that the cost of purchasing homes is significantly more expensive. Additionally, some claim that many Americans are trusting former President Trump more than the current President when it comes to the economy. Biden claims that the current polls are wrong.  


Following that, conservatives are saying that this is bad when even a CNN reporter is asking the President these questions. It appears that Americans are more keen towards Trump when it comes to the economic reality of the nation. 


Others claim that thanks to Bidenomics, the elderly population in America now would have to choose between food and medicine. But, liberals disagree with this sentiment and claim that this has been going on for the last 20-30 years. 

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