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A video surfaced showing Bernie Sanders, the Senator for Vermont, claiming that White Doctors are a “health crisis” to persons of color. However, conservatives vehemently disagree with this rhetoric as they feel a Doctor should be judged by their qualifications. 

Just last year, Senator Bernie Sanders advocated for bolstering the primary care workforce as crucial for enhancing healthcare accessibility in the U.S. He highlights the disparity where millions struggle to find doctors, while others face lengthy wait times for appointments. 

Despite his unwavering support for a “Medicare for All” system, Sanders acknowledges its slim chances in the current political landscape. Consequently, he broadens his focus, proposing legislation to inject $100 billion over five years into expanding community health centers and training healthcare professionals. 

Bernie Sanders in hot waters for controversial statement 


But, his recent statement of racial bias in the medical industry is rubbing a lot of social media users the wrong way. They feel that this is an attack towards White people in the United States. Furthermore, many felt that this is something that is inappropriate for a Senator to state. 

Additionally, conservatives are accusing Sanders of wanting new Doctors and other professionals to be loyal to him, hence the DEI push. Conservatives claim that a White professional would most likely not be a loyal voter to politicians like Sanders, especially with the comments White Democrats like him are making. 

X users are calling Sanders “delusional” for making statements like these. Some are critiquing his age as he is already in his 80s. 

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