Asia Malaysia satisfied will not botch plans

Anwar satisfied Mahathir will not botch transition plans

Despite Anwar saying that he was sure that Dr M would honour his promise, Anwar's supporters are actively campaigning on social media and among Justice Party and Harapan channels for Dr Mahathir to come clean on what they call his numerous 'flip-flops' on his resignation plans




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Ibrahim, the PM-to-be of Malaysia says he is satisfied with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mohamad’s continued assurance he will be the next PM of Malaysia.

“I am satisfied with the (Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s) continued assurance. I guarantee he will honour the promise to surrender power,” he said.

“We will discuss the date later,” he said.

Anwar was responding to this week’s clash in the Harapan coalition with his supporters crying foul and ‘exposing’ a potential betrayal of their leader by the Bersatu party, the party of Dr Mahathir.

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Many in Anwar’s party, the Justice Party, have questioned the existence of a conspiracy to derail the succession plan, but the deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is unfazed amid threats from some Bersatu members to block Anwar’s rise to be the next PM.

She told the media there is no need to doubt the plans.

“There is already a mutual agreement, what more is there to discuss,” she asked.

But Anwar’s supporters are now actively campaigning on social media and among Justice Party and Pakatan Harapan channels for Dr Mahathir to come clean on what they call are his numerous ‘flip-flops’ on his resignation plans.

Some are openly criticising the PM for getting too comfortable in a PM seat that ‘does not belong to him’ while many are saying he is ‘overstaying’ and is abusing their ‘trust’ in him.

A PKR founding member Syed Husin Ali lambasted Dr Mahathir saying his refusal to outline a clear transition plan was ridiculous and questioned whether other Pakatan Harapan leaders have been stymied by the elderly statesman.

“The people are asking if Anwar, (Bersatu president) Muhyiddin Yassin, (Amanah president) Mohamad Sabu and (DAP veteran)Lim Kit Siang have been stymied by Mahathir?

“Will Mahathir, who has been proven to be a sly leader and skilled at twisting facts, be allowed to continue to deceive the people?

“We direct these questions to the Harapan presidential council. If political anarchy happens due to Mahathir’s actions, they will be held responsible,” he said.

While Anwar pointed out that Mahathir has been consistent with regard to his promise to step down and honour the consensus in Pakatan Harapan, the latter is saying there is always a problem in fixing a date.
Dr Mahathir sent doubts within the Pakatan leadership when he said he would remain in office for a maximum of three years. Prior to that, Anwar told Bloomberg that he expects to be prime minister next year.-/TISG
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