Major Wooten, also known as ‘Pop Pop’ celebrated an unusual birthday. He survived a bout of COVID-19 infection at 104!

To congratulate him, a parade of cars drove by his granddaughter’s home and honked in celebration of his birthday.

Pop is from Alabama and spent World War II repairing bomb-damaged trains in France. On Thursday, he recovered from a fight with COVID-19 in time to mark his 104th birthday.

Fellow veterans, law enforcement, friends and family all showed ‘Pop Pop’ love, honouring him with the cortege of cars.

Doctors say Major Wooten was physically drained and a little fuzzy mentally after battling the coronavirus.

But he is now fully recovered.

Granddaughter Holley Wooten McDonald says, “I’m just thankful that they were able to treat him so quickly and we were able to get him tested,” said McDonald, adding: “It’s amazing that a 104-year-old survived COVID.”

“I don’t know if that medicine just started working … but within 24 hours he was better,” she said. Wooten’s blood-oxygen levels are good now and his lungs are “clear as a bell,” McDonald says.

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Wooten, a big University of Alabama football fan, received a video phone call from Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Last week, a 102-year-old New York woman who showed incredible human resistance surviving against two COVID-19 infections had also lived through the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic!

Angelina Friedman’s remarkable recovery from COVID-19 is celebrated as a triumph over the deadly coronavirus.

It is incredible that people of their age are defeating the disease that has proven especially dangerous for adults over the age of 65.