International Asia Actor Qi Yuwu's shares thoughts on acting with wife Joanne Peh

Actor Qi Yuwu’s shares thoughts on acting with wife Joanne Peh

He doesn't want fans to think he's portraying his real life




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SINGAPORE – Many say that work-life balance is important, especially if you have a family of your own. In a recent interview with Shin Min Daily News, actor Qi Yuwu explained why he hasn’t taken up any roles with his wife, Joanne Peh.

Yuwu told the news outlet that he doesn’t want their work together to be used for gossip, saying: “Even though I’ve gotten used to it after so many years, I still have my concerns. I don’t want the fact that we are both acting in the same show to become the selling point and to be used by others as fodder for entertainment gossip. It feels a bit weird.”

More importantly, he doesn’t want fans to think that he’s portraying his real life or his marriage to get tangled in unnecessary “publicity stunts”.

However, it doesn’t mean that he’s entirely against the idea of working together. “If we were to act together, both of us must feel that it is a great opportunity. The script and characters have to be very good,” he noted.

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Yuwu and Peh last starred together on Mediacorp Channel 8 series, CLIF 2 (2013) and CLIF 3 (2014) – an action-thriller drama in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force.

Photo: Facebook screengrab (CLIF 3 警徽天职3)

Yuwu and Peh first played a couple in CLIF 2 before going public about their relationship that year. They continued co-starring in the sequel CLIF 3 before they stopped acting together.

This topic came about after his wife, Peh, was interviewed by U-Weekly magazine when she shared that he’s not keen on the idea of them acting together ever since they got married in 2014. They now have two children together, a son and a daughter.

According to AsiaOne, Peh has once mentioned to 8world that Yuwu will decide if they’ll ever act together in 2019.

At the time, Yuwu turned down a number of those discussions due to their busy schedules but the underlying reason was he doesn’t want them to “work together for the sake of getting together”.

“We have to consider if the script and roles are suitable for us, and whether we have the potential to express ourselves and perform. These are the basics. Now, we have an additional consideration — now that I know who my co-star is, we need to think whether our characters’ story is something we like,” Yuwu explained to 8world.




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