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According to a new poll, more than 50% of voters feel President Donald Trump should be kept off the 2024 ballots if he’s convicted of one of the four criminal cases against him. 

The NewsNation and Decision Desk HQ survey which was released on December 3 says 57% of people support disqualifying the Republican presidential candidate. 

The survey revealed that 85% of Democrats and 29% of Republicans backed his disqualification. 

Trump currently faces 91 charges in four criminal cases and a total sentence of 712 years and six months of jail time if he is ever convicted of all of them. 

The poll was taken among 3,200 registered voters between November 26 and 27. Incidentally, the GOP primary debate took place on December 6 and featured only four candidates, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor and US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie. 

Donald Trump did not participate in the debate. The survey also shows that Trump has a big lead among his Republican rivals with 60% support. DeSantis and Haley have 11 and 10% support while Ramaswamy has more than 6% support. 

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Meanwhile President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped 2% from 44% to 42% in October. Some 58% of people say they are unhappy with his performance as president. 

Of late during a CNN panel discussion last week, former Trump White House official Alyssa Farah Griffin spoke about how he has slowed down quite a bit. 

In a discussion with CNN State of the Union host Dana Bash, Farah Griffin said that Trump often uses projection putting his faults onto others. She also said, “It’s kinda of remarkable, I’ve been watching the clips from Trump’s visit to Iowa and I’m stunned having spent a lot of time with him in 2020 and years before – he is slowing down.” 

“There’s a lack of sharpness in what he’s saying and a lack of kind of clarity. There’s clip where he basically says he’s going to overturn Obamacare, but also says that he’ll fix it – complete inconsistencies.” 

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