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The 2024 Presidential election appears to be a case of the lesser of two evils with double-haters possibly gaining the edge. While neither party is popular it’s almost like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump is as disliked as Democrat and current President Joe Biden. With court cases galore it is unlikely that Trump is going to be able to redeem himself anytime soon. This is why the election will likely boil down to the double-haters or those who dislike both major-party front-runners. Because of everything that’s happened, the focus will be on Joe Biden and his shortcomings next year and consequently, Trump could easily win too.

But Joe Biden’s best chance would be to skew voters to think about what a second term with Trump in the White House would look like. Also Biden’s biggest competition would be that voters credit Trump with economic competence.

In his first three years in the White House the US economy did incredibly well. Republicans should therefore capitalize on this to get votes.

Political analyst and author of ‘Beat the Incumbent’, Louis Perron says that the biggest strength of a candidate is often his biggest weakness. In order to capture the swing voters, Republicans have to reach out in a way that is more powerful and has depth which in today’s politics may not be in vogue.

“In terms of organisation, Donald Trump is somebody who has done everything on his own. But this is not the way to win a presidential campaign and it cannot be done by the family. Having orchestrated political campaigns around the globe for more than a decade, I have come to realise the importance of discipline to manage resources and win elections.

“I can only warn Republicans about polls showing Trump leading Biden in the battle ground states.”

“In terms of predicting the outcome of the election, polls are meaningless at this point in time. In fact, an early lead in the polls is a sweet poison, putting candidates and their teams to sleep and keeping them from taking much-needed action. Republicans have homework to do, and if they don’t take drastic action now, they might blow it (again).”

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