Welcome to Malaysia but pay the hotel room tax, please


Malaysia, running out of options, is hiking various duties in some case and imposing new taxes in other cases.

While you are welcomed to visit Malaysia and stay to spend your hard earned money, the country has started to tax your room for every night of your wonderful stay.

Malaysia expects som 31.8 million visitors this year, saying that could generate RM118 billion in tourism spending.

In 2016, 26.7 million tourists visited Malaysia, said the Tourism Ministry.

Analysts speaking to Nikkei Asian Review said the government could collect about RM654.2 million based on 60% occupancy rate.

They are also counting the eggs before they hatch, saying if occupancy rate rises to 80%, the tax revenue could swell to RM872.82 million.

But analysts are saying this ‘tax’ could cause a slump in room occupancy rate, and it will put hotel stocks under pressure while eating in the profit margin of hoteliers.

Welcome to Malaysia but you will have pay the added hotel room tax, please.