VIDEO: Underage Indonesian boy weds 73-year-old bride

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The Indonesian public was shocked to learn that an underaged boy of 16 had married a 71 years old bride.

The news is getting attention in most parts of the world, with pictures of the couple splashed over the internet.

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The bride named Rohaya binti Kiagus Muhammad Jakfar was willing to marry the teenager named Selamat Siyadi Bin Husni.

“Alhamdulillah, we are officially married” said Selamat who was immediately denied by Rohaya.

Both admitted that their marriage was opposed to their respective families.

But the boy threatened to commit suicide, forcing his parents to agree to the wedding.

The wedding process was held at the house of RT 01 of Karangendah village of Lengkiti subdistrict of Ogan Komering Ulu district.

The woman apparently took care of the boy while he was struck with malaria.

However, the Indonesian Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa said she regretted the marriage between the 16-year-old teenager and the 71-year-old grandmother.

Khofifah said the Social Ministry did check and found that the couple was not married according to the district’s rules.

“According to my preliminary estimates, they were not married according to the law because if married through the Office of Religious Affairs it would be clearly impossible because the bridegroom is still underage,” Khofifah said.


  1. Used bomoh’s love spell la. Indons are famous for this even Singaporean men kena in Batam. One slap on your shoulder, you can even forget your own mother. Only love her regardless of her looks and age.

    • Yeah, the bridegroom been rubbed by “Chi oil”. This oil were collect from the chinese ppl death palour front pilliars where they usually place 2 plates of oil lamps.These oil are called “Chi oil” never play or touch with our hands so beware!

    • Seng Kueh Malay called it minyak dagu or oil of the dead man chin. Made from a dead person own chin. Cook it until it turned into oil. Say mantra and called the devil to reside in the oil. Usually used for making people bow to you and even love you like for this case. Very evil and a lot of people are still using it as it is very powerful. Scary sia.

  2. This underage Indonesian boy is being hypnotized!
    Chinese believe in black magic, so he is under a spell
    Look at his !
    He appears dazed and confused!
    He will leave her when the spell is broken through deliverance

  3. At 73 still so ……. power …… for. ……. what.

    At this age she should be leave this Form desires craving already. She should be preparing for. … next … journey to the west instead.

    This is truly. … Form desires that had fallen into darkness pit.

    • Is in the grape vine that this “ccs ” which supposing to be related by kin’s blood will be next pm to continue to keep all the skeletons that may be in the closet of clown prince …….wonder if it is true ???

  4. At this age of 15 yrs only in Form 3, memories good for schoolings.From the look of the Bride Eyes, still sparkling not an ordinary ppl eyes beware the spells can fly to whoever jealous or spread her rumours.Better keep our distance, not our business.

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