Topless woman falls out of Simei flat window despite neighbour’s best attempts to save her


Residents of Block 233 Simei Street 4 were shocked to see a topless woman dangling out of a second-storey flat window motionless as a Malay man struggled to save her. Videos capturing the incident have gone viral after they were shared online yesterday evening by Facebook user Grace Mayzon.

The post by Grace has been shared over 6000 times and all three videos capturing the incident have accumulated over 800,000 views in total so far.

In the first video, the Malay man can be seen struggling to pull the woman up. Screaming as he exerts his strength to try and save the woman, the Malay man can be heard yelling “I cannot stand already!” to passers-by below who shout in concern and extend their arms to try and catch the woman in case she falls.

In a second video, the woman appears to have fallen to the ground. An elderly Indian man can be seen, panting, beside the topless woman whose nakedness is covered with a cloth by passers-by. The elderly Indian man who appears to be in pain nearby could have tried to catch the woman as she fell.

The woman continues lying motionless on the ground as one woman calls the police. Another woman can be heard saying, “This aunty ah, very crazy. This three block, this block. Very crazy one. Haiyo.”

In the third and final video, police officers can be seen at the scene and passers-by can be heard discussing the incident. One of the men who can be heard speaking is believed to be the Malay man who tried to pull the woman up. He says that he couldn’t pull the woman up successfully since he had been eating something and his hands were presumably oily. A woman can also be heard saying that she also wanted to help but couldn’t.

Facebook user Masrina Rashid translated Grace’s caption and summarised the events in the videos on Facebook:

“Happened at Blk 233 Simei. This lady was from 3rd floor. The uncle who was holding her was from 2nd floor. He said he was eating and saw legs hanging at his window…he rushed to go and helped and managed to hold her hands…his hands were slippery from the food that he was eating…They mentioned she is a helper. Some said Indonesia…some dont know whether where she is from. But it seems she is working for an Indian family. Some mention she is a new helper. Not really sure which is the truth.”

The cause of the woman’s fall and her present condition remains uncertain.

Photos captured prior to the fall show the woman clad in a black t-shirt, standing on the window frame of a 2nd floor unit while handling a broken clothesline hanging from a 4th floor unit:

Topless woman who fell out of Simei flat is 27-year-old Indonesian domestic helper


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