Lifestyle Arts Sharon Au wanted to leave Paris to take care of mother in...

Sharon Au wanted to leave Paris to take care of mother in Singapore

When the pandemic is over, she will fly home and hug her mother




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Actress-host Sharon Au had plans to leave Paris and return home for good when the coronavirus outbreak hit Singapore in February. At that time, the country was the third to report cases of the virus and one of the worst-hit outside China.

Sharon, who is working as an investment director in a private equity firm in France, said she was concerned for her mother. She revealed this during a session of YES 933’s Gu De Dai Zai Jia (Good Stay Home), a celebrity interview segment streamed live on Facebook on Wednesday (April 29).

Sharon shared with about the session on Wednesday (April 29). She said the pandemic caused a shift of perspective and that she was frustrated that she was not together with her mother during the tough times. When she contacted her mother about returning home, however, she was told not to be silly and that, unless she was the cure, not to return home and disturb her.

Sharon Au almost left her job in Paris to take care of her mother in Singapore. Picture: Instagram

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The 44-year-old also said that she is sure her mother is concerned but that she is not the type to panic. In March 2011, when Sharon was pursuing her studies in Japan, an earthquake and tsunami occurred there which caused a nuclear scare. Her mother did not show signs of panic nor did she hysterically ask her to fly home like other parents.

This time, as Covid-19 spread, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs made arrangements for Singaporeans to fly back but Sharon decided not to return home. She did not want to be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus to Singapore. Before the quarantine in France she went to concerts, including Madonna’s performance. She decided to play it safe and stay in lockdown in Paris.

Although they are not living together, the actress noted that their relationship has grown closer. She often messages her mother but sometimes overdoes it!

Sharon said the situation caused her to rethink life’s priorities and that when the pandemic is over, she will fly home and hug her mother. She will also tell her she loves her and that she wants her to be healthy and happy. She also wants to apologise for leaving her and going to Paris. /TISG

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